Want to be a Protein Biology Rockstar? Apply Now for this Scientist I Position at Thermo Fisher!

“Want to be a Protein Biology Rockstar? Apply Now for this Scientist I Position in India!”

Thermo Fisher Protein Biology Scientist Job – Apply Online


Job Location: India, Bangalore

About the Company:


About the Team: Protein Biology

The Protein Biology team is involved in large-scale function validation of antibodies, with a deep focus on reagent quality and specificity. The core activities of the team include data processing and mining of protein biology; Western blots with state-of-art tools, high efficiency and high-resolution immuno-fluorescence imaging and immunohistochemistry, and access to tools such as ChIP (Chromatin Immunoprecipitation), gene-silencing to provide advance application tags to our antibody portfolio. The goal of the program is high-quality product validation and the curation of product


information to promote research use.

Role & Responsibilities

Purpose: To perform antibody and target biology validation, using groundbreaking cell and molecular biology methods, and deliver high-quality products. This role requires the candidate to be meticulous in scientific experimental planning and execution. Proficiency in verbal and written communication of results in the workplace is helpful.


  • Detailed curation of protein target biology that includes expression, modification, and sub-cellular localization, guided by researching scientific publications and mining data repositories.
  • Perform cell and molecular biology methods at a high level of proficiency. Expertise in protein analysis, use of gel-electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, Cell lysate preparation/western blotting, immunoprecipitations and or other proteomic tools.
  • Cellular and tissue imaging by immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry/tissue processing and/or other biological imaging methods.
  • Recording results into data sheets and/or electronic notebooks is a job requirement. Familiarity with the use of spreadsheets, retrieval of data from web/data repositories, MS software, and image processing software is helpful.
  • Delivery of high-quality results, attention to detail, and schedules to support program objectives.

Candidate Requirement:

Education & Experience levels:

Applicants should have Masters with 3-5+ years’ experience/Ph. D in the area of cell biology, molecular biology, immunology, biotechnology/biochemistry or bioinformatics.

Nature of experience:

Project or work experience and support of the relevant skills (publications, project reports or thesis work).

  • Familiar with working in a cell and molecular biology lab, with experience in handling protein expression, protein characterization or immunoassays, and imaging workflows. Practical experience in immunohistochemistry would be an added advantage.
  • Data analysis tools- sequence/structure analysis, familiarity with scripting tools, bioinformatics tools for sequence and structural analysis. Proven competence in programming skills with R, PERL, Python and/databases.
  • Sound theoretical understanding of protein structure, function, and biology. Should be able to analyze biological pathway data and have a desire to mine data repositories for current information.
  • Capable of crafting robust experimental plans and can work with cross-functional teams to perform technical troubleshooting.
  • The successful candidate will have clear functional communication at the workplace and will be open to learning and solving new challenges.

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