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Catawba Research is a reputable research organization that specializes in providing comprehensive clinical research solutions. As part of their commitment to excellence, Catawba Research is currently offering an internship opportunity for a QA Intern. This position is ideal for individuals interested in quality assurance and seeking to gain practical experience in the field.

Introduction to Catawba Research

Catawba Research is a leading organization in the field of clinical research, offering a wide range of services to support pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. With a strong focus on quality and compliance, Catawba Research ensures that clinical trials are conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements and industry best practices.


Overview of the QA Intern Position

The QA Intern position at Catawba Research provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to gain hands-on experience in the field of quality assurance within a clinical research setting. As an intern, you will work closely with experienced professionals and contribute to the overall quality management process.

Location: Mumbai, India

The QA Internship opportunity is based in Mumbai, India. Mumbai is a vibrant city known as the financial and entertainment capital of India. With its rich cultural heritage and dynamic business environment, Mumbai offers a conducive setting for individuals looking to embark on a career in the healthcare and research industry.


Technical Skills Required for the QA Intern Role

To be considered for the QA Intern position, candidates should possess the following technical skills:

  • Quality assurance interest and a long-term commitment to the field.
  • Proficiency in maintaining training files for staff and contractors to ensure audit readiness.
  • Experience in maintaining Master Training Tracker and SOP Training Tracker.
  • Strong organizational skills to ensure training documents are always current.
  • Familiarity with scheduling internal and external training activities.
  • Ability to assist with new hire training documentation and coordination.
  • Attention to detail for filing and maintenance of QA documents.

Responsibilities of the QA Intern

As a QA Intern at Catawba Research, you will be entrusted with various responsibilities, including:

  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date training files for staff and contractors.
  • Updating the Master Training Tracker and SOP Training Tracker regularly.
  • Ensuring training documents are current and promptly notifying staff of necessary updates.
  • Assisting with the scheduling of internal and external training activities.
  • Supporting the documentation and coordination of new hire training.
  • Efficiently filing and organizing QA documents and folders.

Importance of Maintaining Training Files and Trackers

Maintaining training files and trackers is crucial for ensuring compliance and audit readiness. By keeping comprehensive records, Catawba Research can demonstrate that staff members and contractors have received the necessary training to perform their roles effectively. This practice also facilitates identification of any training gaps and timely updates to training materials.

Assisting with Scheduling and Documentation

As a QA Intern, you will have the opportunity to assist with scheduling both internal and external training activities. This involves coordinating the logistics, ensuring participation, and managing any associated documentation. Additionally, you will contribute to the documentation and scheduling of training activities for new hires, ensuring a smooth onboarding process.

Filing and Maintenance of QA Documents

Efficient filing and maintenance of QA documents are essential for an organized and streamlined quality assurance process. As a QA Intern, you will play a vital role in ensuring that all QA documents are properly filed, easily accessible, and up to date. This practice contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall quality management system.

How to Apply for the QA Internship

If you possess the required technical skills and are interested in pursuing an internship opportunity with Catawba Research, please share your updated resume with Renuka at Make sure to include relevant details of your educational background, any prior experience, and your motivation for pursuing a career in quality assurance.

Clinical QA INTERNSHIP Opportunity at Mumbai

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