Unilever BSc, Food Technologist Quality & Safety Specialist Opportunity, Apply Online


Unilever Food Technologist Quality & Safety Specialist Opportunity, Apply Online

Possible interview questions for the technical round for Unilever International Quality & Safety Specialist job posted below

Unilever International Quality & Safety Specialist

Category: Supply Chain

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Date posted: 05/21/2023

JOB TITLE: Unilever International Quality & Safety Specialist



Unilever International is Unilever’s fastest growing and entrepreneurial business, EUR 1.2 billion in turnover. UI’s purpose is to serve the underserved – markets, consumers, channels, brands, working in close partnership with Unilever’s Business Units (BU) and Business Groups (BG). UI is headquartered in Singapore and has a global remit with teams spread across nine hubs (Singapore, US, UK, Korea, India, Dubai, France, Philippines, and Australia)


Innovation/Import Export Quality

  • Supports technical risk assessment for innovations.
  • Manages all quality requirements for innovations, including quality manual signs off with 3PMs/Unilever internal factories, First production approval, etc.
  • Builds expertise related to any new technology currently not available in Unilever portfolio (with support with Global Quality divisional/expertise team)
  • Directly connects into Global Quality divisional/expertise team to get updated with any global standards – provides training/updates to UI Q team.
  • Building/updating any quality related procedure/guidelines/SOP relating to innovation process.
  • Manage any exception requests relating to innovations.

Collaborative manufacturer CM (third-party manufacturer) Quality

  • Validates new third-party manufacturers are capable of meeting UL Quality requirements by conducting technical assessments (on-site, virtual, self-assessment or arrange via 2P auditor/local Q team).
  • Supports new third-party manufacturers on corrective actions required to meet Unilever requirements.
  • Supports verification of any dispensation request and provide recommendations as required, for new third-party manufacturers.
  • On board new third-party manufacturer onto Unilever Quality system.
  • Building/updating any safety related procedure/guidelines/SOP relating to Product / Process / CM
  • Assess the compliance & support the CMs to help them improve the compliance to applicable Safety requirements.
  • Drives and facilitates the implementation of the SHE systems in line with System standards (ISO/FWS); 1. Corporate standards and guidelines; 2. Legislative requirements and 3. Business process requirements.
  • Co-ordinates, monitoring and audits of all SHE activities related to collaborative manufacturing undertaken by Market Cells SHE teams and ensures all SHE activities meet Unilever and legislative requirements.
  • Custodian of the supplier on-boarding process for collaborative manufacturers ensuring adherence to process and safety framework standard S205.
  • Ensures management of dispensations within the framework standard and schedule of authority, driving gap closure and escalations.
  • Is custodian of reporting visibility and analytics and is responsible for SHE information collation and reporting, in line with business requirements. 1. Collaborative Manufacturing data health in relevant systems, platforms, tools 2. Monitoring SHE objectives and targets
  • Input into supplier contracting process to ensure right schedules and governance for SHE performance management is built in.
  • As the Collaborative Manufacturing Cell, SHE expert,
  • Introduces and leads implementation of global programs for roll out of best practices and customises to suit business needs.
  • SHE input into and evaluation of technical risk assessments and co-opting right internal/external expertise (technology and/or industry domain knowledge)
  • Liaises with Market cell leads, Process Safety, Manufacturing Excellence, SEAC, R&D, regulatory authorities, independent SHE auditing bodies and the Unilever central SHE team.
  • Delivers SHE training programs


  • 3-5 years of experience in Quality, Safety, Health & Environment Function.
  • Experience in handling innovation and/or R&D experience will be required.
  • Graduate in Health, Safety & Environment or B Sc, Food Technologist, Pharmacist
  • Willing to do hybrid working set up (WFH and Office – as required)


Possible interview questions for the technical round for Unilever International Quality & Safety Specialist job:

  1. Can you explain your experience in handling innovation and/or R&D projects in the past? How did you ensure quality requirements were met during the innovation process?
    • Answer: During my previous role, I was responsible for managing innovation projects and ensuring quality requirements were met. I closely collaborated with cross-functional teams and conducted technical risk assessments to identify potential risks and develop mitigation strategies. Additionally, I coordinated with internal and external stakeholders to stay updated on global standards and provided training to the quality team. By implementing robust quality procedures and guidelines, I ensured that the innovation process adhered to the highest quality standards.
  2. How would you approach validating new third-party manufacturers to ensure they meet Unilever’s quality requirements? Can you provide an example?
    • Answer: Validating new third-party manufacturers involves conducting technical assessments to assess their capabilities. I would utilize a combination of on-site visits, virtual assessments, self-assessments, or arrange for audits through qualified auditors or local quality teams. During a previous project, I performed a comprehensive on-site assessment of a potential manufacturer, evaluating their production facilities, quality control processes, and compliance with industry regulations. Based on the assessment findings, I provided recommendations for corrective actions to meet Unilever’s quality requirements.
  3. How do you approach implementing safety procedures and guidelines related to product, process, and collaborative manufacturing? Can you share an example of a safety improvement initiative you led?
    • Answer: Implementing safety procedures and guidelines involves assessing compliance, facilitating improvement initiatives, and ensuring adherence to applicable safety requirements. In my previous role, I updated safety-related procedures and guidelines for collaborative manufacturing processes. As part of a safety improvement initiative, I conducted a comprehensive review of existing safety protocols, identified gaps, and developed a standardized safety framework aligned with ISO/FWS standards and legislative requirements. I worked closely with cross-functional teams to drive the implementation of the new safety system and monitored compliance through audits and inspections.
  4. How would you handle the management of dispensations within the framework standard and schedule of authority? Can you provide an example of a situation where you effectively managed dispensations?
    • Answer: Managing dispensations within the framework standard and schedule of authority requires a systematic approach. In a previous role, I acted as the custodian of the supplier on-boarding process for collaborative manufacturers, ensuring adherence to the process and safety framework standard. I reviewed dispensation requests, assessed their alignment with safety standards, and identified any potential risks or gaps. By engaging with relevant stakeholders, conducting thorough assessments, and ensuring timely resolutions, I effectively managed dispensations while maintaining compliance with safety protocols.
  5. How do you stay updated on the latest SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) practices and regulations? Can you provide an example of a time when you introduced global best practices in your previous role?
    • Answer: Staying updated on SHE practices and regulations is crucial for ensuring compliance and driving continuous improvement. In my previous role, I actively participated in industry conferences, workshops, and training programs to stay informed about the latest SHE practices and regulations. Additionally, I proactively researched and evaluated global best practices in SHE and customized them to suit our business needs. For example, I introduced a global program for implementing a safety culture initiative across our organization, incorporating best practices from leading companies in our industry. This initiative resulted in improved safety performance and increased employee engagement in safety-related activities.


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