Schrödinger Informatics Product Manager Job For BSc, MSc & PhD Life Sciences – Apply Online

Schrödinger Informatics Product Manager Job For BSc, MSc & PhD Life Sciences – Apply Online


Our mission is to dramatically improve human health and quality of life by developing and applying advanced computational methods that transform the way new medicines are designed.

As a member of our Enterprise Informatics team, you will support the continued development of LiveDesign, our well-established, industry-leading molecular design platform. Product Managers in LiveDesign help our engineering teams create groundbreaking software by driving functionality design, defining success, setting and prioritizing goals accordingly, and ensuring the scientific mission drives the process. This role provides hands-on, day-to-day access to the business direction and scientific functionality of the product and industry. As an Enterprise Product Manager, you’ll advocate for users of our


software by applying the wealth of knowledge you have acquired through practical experience to bridge the information gaps between the technical, scientific, and business worlds.

Who will love this job:


The Product Manager plays a vital interdisciplinary role in helping the engineering teams stay organized, connected with the long term goals, and on track with the priorities and scientific mission of the product. This role provides hands-on, day-to-day access to the business direction/scientific functionality, and bridges the information gap between the technical and business worlds. Individuals who will love this job are:

  • Highly organized with excellent communication skills
  • Experienced with software development
  • Experienced with chemistry, biology, informatics, or pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical discovery, in order to speak to both the scientific and technical functions

What you’ll do:

  • Work with both the international scientific and technical teams to design and drive the development of model-supported biotherapeutic design tools via user stories, workflow definition, and facilitating iterative feedback
  • Work with US-based product leadership to translate the identified scientific needs into user stories, and software tools by collaborating closely with our customer-facing teams, UX, and Engineering team on the optimal implementation of the product designs
  • Be the go-to individual for managing projects (e.g., communicating and managing the collective challenges, needs, and concerns across all teams on the project)
  • Facilitate the iterative feedback and testing cycles of features

What you should have:

  • BS with 2+ years of research experience, or MS/PhD in a life sciences field related to drug discovery (e.g., medicinal chemistry, biochemistry, biology, materials science, or related fields)
  • Experience designing or developing enterprise software
  • Experience with project management and a track record of being highly organized, with excellent communication and documentation skills, to manage technical challenges, risk, and scope
  • Experience with informatic and/or molecular modeling software
  • Experience with informatics based drug discovery in a pharmaceutical setting

As an equal opportunity employer, Schrödinger hires outstanding individuals into every position in the company. People who work with us have a high degree of engagement, a commitment to working effectively in teams, and a passion for the company’s mission. We place the highest value on creating a safe environment where our employees can grow and contribute, and refuse to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious belief, sex, age, disability, national origin, alienage or citizenship status, marital status, partnership status, caregiver status, sexual and reproductive health decisions, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation. To us, “diversity” isn’t just a buzzword, but an important element of our core principles and key business practices. We believe that diverse companies innovate better and think more creatively than homogenous ones because they take into account a wide range of viewpoints. For us, greater diversity doesn’t mean better headlines or public images – it means increased adaptability and profitability.


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