ITC Limited Biological Sciences, Microbiology Job For Candidates With 0-2 Years Exp – Apply Online


ITC Limited Biological Sciences, Microbiology Job For Candidates With 0-2 Years Exp – Apply Online

Post Doctoral Fellow – Health & Hygiene (Microbiological Sciences)

Employment Type: Full time

Industry: Research & Development

Business: Life Sciences & Technology Centre

City: Bangalore North

State/Province: Karnataka

Country: India

Job Description

Role & responsibilities

  1. Establish efficacy testing and mechanism of action for antimicrobial actives and formulations
  2. Understand role of active availability in a micellar system
  3. Develop models for discriminatory testing as applicable
  4. Develop assays for (i) visual demonstration of anti-microbial action (ii) high throughput anti-microbial susceptibility testing
  5. Co-ordinate with external lab partners and collaborators Publish manuscripts in relevant areas


Preferred candidate profile

Work Experience:

  • 0-2 years of experience in microbiology and bacteriology from a reputed Institute or industry.
  • Experience in anti-microbial mechanisms, imaging, biofilms and mechanisms of resistance. Hands-on experience in the above areas and good publication record.
  • Experience in microbiome-related research, infectious disease control through hygiene measures, healthcare/epidemiology, medical microbiology.
  • Experience in writing meta-analyses review articles


  • Bench skills in microbiology
  • Imaging – FACS, confocal
  • Molecular biology techniques qRTPCR
  • Capability to work in a multi-disciplinary team
  • Strong oral, written communication
  • Experience in virology, mycology
  • Research focus on anti-microbial resistance
  • Experience in antiseptic efficacy testing
  • Clinical trial design
  • Independent Design and seamless execution of experiments in lab


  1. Knowledge in anti-microbial testing, mechanisms of action of anti-microbial agents,
  2. Understanding of bacterial membrane-targeted anti-microbial, imaging of membrane damage,
  3. Fundamentals of biofilms, microbiome. Wound healing, infection control Knowledge of clinical trial design


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