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Honour Lab Limited Recruitment Details: A Great Opportunity for Young Professionals in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the competitive landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, Honour Lab Limited has emerged as a prominent player. Established in the year 2010, Honour Lab Limited has earned its reputation as a top-notch Pharmaceutical Manufacturer in Hyderabad, located in the bustling area of Erragadda. Committed to delivering high-quality pharmaceutical products, Honour Lab Limited is now on the lookout for experienced young professionals to join their team at the Nakkapalli, Visakhapatnam Plant.

The Quest for Quality Professionals

The pharmaceutical industry relies heavily on quality assurance, quality control, and production departments to ensure the safety and efficacy of their products. Honour Lab Limited is currently seeking skilled professionals in these key areas to strengthen its workforce and maintain its high standards.

1. QA Department – Ensuring Excellence

The Quality Assurance (QA) Department plays a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing product quality. Candidates applying for positions in this department should possess the following qualifications and experience:

  • Qualification: B.Sc or M.Sc.
  • Experience: 1 to 3 years

Quality is of utmost importance in the pharmaceutical field, and the QA Department ensures that all processes and products adhere to strict regulatory guidelines and industry standards.

2. QC Department – A Critical Eye

The Quality Control (QC) Department is responsible for conducting rigorous testing and analysis to guarantee product quality. Aspiring candidates for the QC Department should meet the following criteria:

  • Qualification: B.Pharmacy or M.Sc.
  • Experience: 1 to 3 years

From raw materials to finished products, the QC team meticulously examines every aspect to ensure that only the best products reach the market.

3. Production Department – Building the Pillars of Success

The Production Department forms the backbone of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Honour Lab Limited is seeking candidates for the Production Department who possess the following qualifications and experience:

  • Qualification: B.Sc
  • Experience: 3 to 5 years

With a focus on precision and efficiency, the Production team is responsible for converting raw materials into the life-changing medications that improve the well-being of countless individuals.

How to Apply

If you are a dynamic and skilled professional with the passion to make a difference in the pharmaceutical industry, Honour Lab Limited welcomes your application. Interested candidates are requested to send their resumes to [email protected]. It is worth noting that male candidates are preferable for these positions. Additionally, candidates who are located near the plant location in Hetero Sez Gate, Nakkapalli, Visakhapatnam, will be given priority.


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