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Fresher Biotech Lab Tech Jobs – BSc & MSc Microbiology Also Apply Online


Gruner Renewable Energy is a leading company in the biomass to bioenergy domain. We specialize in the conversion of biomass into renewable energy sources. Our innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies contribute to a sustainable and greener future. We believe in the power of biotechnology and microbiology to drive the renewable energy revolution.

Position: Lab technician/Microbiologist/Research Analyst



  • Routine work aerobic/anaerobic microbial cultures, including media preparation and cultivation of microorganisms
  • Designing and executing laboratory testing of biomass and liquid samples according to standard procedures
  • Lab equipment maintenance, media, and chemical preparation as per SOP
  • Record maintenance of lab plasticware/glassware, chemicals etc.
  • Lab management, data entry, conducting tests reporting findings to a laboratory manager.



Candidate shall be a minimum B.Sc/M.Sc. Microbiology/Biotechnology with 0-1 years’ experience. Intern positions are also open and welcome.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume to [email protected].

Note to Applicants: Only eligible candidates are encouraged to send their CVs in the proper format. We kindly request that you avoid spamming multiple applications, as doing so may result in the permanent blacklisting of your CV at our

company. This action could restrict your ability to apply for future vacancies within our organization. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a fair and efficient recruitment process. Thank you for your understanding.

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