Apply Online for an Exciting Researcher Role at Tata Steel!


“Unlock Your Potential: Apply Online for an Exciting Researcher Role at Tata Steel!”

Tata Steel Researcher Role – Apply Online

Tata Steel is a leading global steel company with a strong focus on research and innovation. With a rich history dating back over a century, Tata Steel is committed to delivering high-quality products and solutions to meet the evolving needs of its customers. The company values employee growth and development, offering a dynamic work environment that fosters creativity and collaboration.

Researcher/ Principal Researcher: Adv Materials and Characterisation Res. Group, R&D

Department: Advanced Materials and Characterisation Research Group, R&D

Location: Jamshedpur

Role Description:

Purpose of the Job:

  • Knowledge of Hydroxyapatite, Beta TCP, alpha TCP, Zirconia, etc.
  • Synthesis knowledge and specifications for upscaling medical materials.
  • Deep understanding of developing and characterizing medical materials.
  • Quality control for various applications.
  • Analysis of test results conducted at TSL/outside and report generation.
  • Liaising with external labs, institutes, and New Material Business.
  • Quality control and benchmarking of TSL product with commercial product.
  • Technical patent/paper writing.
  • Developing and managing medical material lab.


  1. Designing and execution of projects in the area of medical materials.
  2. Lab scale and large-scale execution of research projects.
  3. Conducting experiments using advanced research equipment and analyzing the data.
  4. Synergy with NMB and other organizations as and when required.
  5. Publishing/patenting novel results.

Skills Required:

  • Experience in research on medical materials.
  • Knowledge of biomaterials and technology upscaling.
  • Ability to work as a team member.

Other Details:

  • Education: MTech/Ph.D. in Material Engineering, Biomaterials, Medical Science, or equivalent.
  • Ph.D. in the relevant field would be preferred.

Apply Here: Tata Steel Researcher Application

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