DIAGEO Quality Executive Job For Biotech, Biochem & Microbiology – Apply Online


DIAGEO Quality Executive Job For Biotech, Biochem & Microbiology – Apply Online


Location: Hardoi

Type: Full-time


Job Requisition ID: JR1092238

Job Description:


The Senior Executive-Quality will play a pivotal role in implementing quality standards and processes, conducting audits, ensuring liquid quality assurance, and managing quality systems for multiple units in our clusters. The role also involves providing training on quality SOPs to the unit quality team and obtaining prior approvals for raw materials and packaging materials at cluster sites.


1. Quality Operations:

  • Collaborate with Cluster TPO Sites to execute the quality strategy and standards.
  • Conduct fortnightly visits to Cluster TPO sites for liquid quality assurance and sensory trainings.
  • Advise and support the unit quality team in implementing quality improvement initiatives.
  • Lead root cause identification and problem-solving for quality issues.
  • Develop the capability of the unit quality team on quality management systems.
  • Conduct audits for quality control and assurance at units.
  • Provide direct support for innovation and renovation projects.
  • Handle and close customer complaints, verify CAPA within timelines.
  • Ensure liquid quality compliance and on-shelf quality index.
  • Adhere to quality standards and timelines.
  • Improve round robin scores.


  • Graduate or equivalent in Microbiology/Biochemistry/Biotechnology or any scientific discipline.
  • 2-5 years of experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Systems in the Food Processing/FMCG industry, preferably in distillery, brewery, or beverage production.
  • Proficiency in quality management systems, adherence to quality-related SOPs, and quality improvement projects.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office package and SAP.

Best Suited for Someone Who:

– Has experience in working across functions with various stakeholders.

Leadership Demonstration:

Leadership Standards:

Create Possibilities:

3. Generates imaginative ideas and solutions beyond the norm, inspiring others to do the same.
4. Translates strong ideas into plans that deliver short and long-term results.
5. Is future-oriented and understands the bigger picture.

Consistently Deliver Great Performance:

6. Takes deep personal accountability for performance.
7. Focuses on priorities and executes with rigor and excellence.
8. Can seamlessly move between strategy and operational detail.

Create Conditions for People to Succeed:

9. Values diverse contributions and acts as a strong team player.
10. Provides honest and helpful feedback, coaching others to perform at their best.
11. Builds talent and capability to support business performance.
12. For People Managers – values and models great people management.

Be Authentic:

13. Inspires others through personal integrity, consistently doing what they say.
14. Builds strong, trusting relationships that enhance performance.
15. Will openly share their own views and speak up for what is right.

Grow Yourself:

16. Commits to learning, self-awareness, and personal development.
17. Shares learnings to promote growth.


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