Aurobindo Jobs! – BSc, MSc, MTech & BTech Biotech Candidates Apply


Aurobindo Biotech Jobs – BSc, MSc, MTech & BTech Apply

Location – Kakinada

Post 1

Qualification: Tech/M. Tech in Biotechnology

Experience: 03 to 15+ years.

Relevant Experience in Media Preparation, seed Aurfermentation, main fermentation and Exposure in fed Batch Section,Filtrate dilution section,Filter press and Conveying of
Mycelia, Filter integrity testing, Microbiology Analysis, MIS + General works. Handling Reactors, Centrifuges, Distillation columns, Clean room operations, Following GMP, Facility Readiness, Area Qualifications, Review of SOPs, and Qualification documentation.

Post 2

Role – Assistants /Executive / Assistant Manager – Extraction(Production)

Qualification: Tech/M. Tech in Biotechnology

Experience:03 to 15+years.

Relevant Experience in Filtrate Collection & First Extraction and exposure in Water washing
& Decolorization, Potassium treatment for PENG & 6 APA, exposure in Crystallization
Section & Filter Section, Solvent Storage and Handling, Acid and Alkali
storage Handling MIS + General works in QMS/Quality Management System, Documentation, Training.

Post 3

Role – Assistants /Executive / Assistant Manager – Fermentation(Microbiologist)

Experience:03 to 15+years.

  • Relevant Experience in preparing media and Equipment, monitoring cultures, taking samples, turn-around of fermenters and bioreactors, sterilization, and vaccination, Must have experience in production microbiology operations like inoculum production and subculturing of microorganisms. Plate counting, microscopic examination.
  • Designing and execution of shake flask tests. Operate general production equipment such as Autoclaves, incubators, Analytical Scales, PH/Conductivity meters, Lyophilizes Etc.
  • Hands-on Experience in GMP production including aseptic processing and sterility testing. Prepare BPR & SOP’s Experience with cultivation and/or pilot-scale fermentation vessels.
  • Demonstrate ability to perform all process steps upstream and/or support production operations.



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