Advarra Hiring Life Science Candidates- Apply For Research Associate Job


Advarra Hiring Life Science Candidates. Apply Now!

Job Title: Research Associate III

Company: Advarra

Job Category: Research

Requisition Number: RESEA002342

Job Type: Full Time

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  • Understand and interpret clinical trial study protocols to design and develop calendars. Understand and interpret clinical trial agreements and sponsor budgets to develop site budgets for the protocol.
  • Design and develop case report forms for clinical trial study protocols
  • Develop a familiarity with Advarra’s Clinical Trial Management Software (CTMS) and Electronic Data Capture (EDC) software to utilize related functionalities in the design and development of calendars, budgets, financials and case report forms.
  • Maintain high level quality and customer SLAs for all services.
  • Provide input in process development and improvement.
  • Assist in developing internal and customer facing documentation.
  • Independently troubleshoot customer reported issues.
  • Train fellow team members. Work closely with reporting manager to complete daily/ weekly calendars, budgets, financials and/or case report forms design in order to meet with pre-determined quality criteria
  • Participate in customer interactions over the e-mail/telephonically to assimilate customer requirements and address those adequately in all services.
  • Assist in managing team work/work load distribution by understanding and utilizing internal case management software and other reporting software to ensure that daily/weekly work assignments are appropriately tracked and completed
  • Actively participate in team meetings and contribute meaningfully to discussions related to specific customer cases and/or protocols.


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