In a recent panel, Jackie Chan said that Rush Hour 4 is in the works, despite the fact that it has been 15 years since the release of the third instalment in the series. Here is everything you need to know about the release date of Rush Hour 4.

The only thing we know at this time is that Jackie Chan has confirmed the production of Rush Hour 4, but there is no indication on a prospective release date.

At the Red Sea Film Festival panel, he said he would meet with the director later but didn't name him. With a director, this fourth film is well underway. Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan's Rush Hour co-star, wasn't mentioned, but a sequel would be unlikely without him.

The 1998 release of the original Rush Hour cemented Jackie Chan's status as a Hollywood icon.

Given that Jackie Chan is now 68 years old, Rush Hour 4 will likely be somewhat toned down. If you wish to see him in his prime, however, we recommend the excellent Project A Part 2.

Regarding the release date of Rush Hour 4, this is all that is known at this time. Recent movie news includes the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3, a Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy Netflix film, and the leak of a McDonald's Mario film.