Unilever Food Science Nutrition & Ice Cream RA Manager Job Opportunity

Unilever Food Science Nutrition & Ice Cream RA Manager Job Opportunity

Possible interview questions for the technical round for Unilever International Regulatory Affairs Assistant Manager – Nutrition & Ice Cream job posted below

Unilever International Regulatory Affairs Assistant Manager – Nutrition & Ice Cream

Category: Research/Development

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Date posted: 05/24/2023

JOB TITLE: Unilever International Quality & Safety Specialist



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This role is important because…

The Unilever International (UI) Regulatory Affairs Assistant Manager Nutrition & Ice-Cream will be part of the UI Regulatory Affairs team and will fulfill Americas Nutrition and Ice-Cream innovation projects and product compliance supporting Unilever International (UI) business.

For regulatory advice and expertise, he/she will work with Unilever Regulatory Affairs community as well as with external Regulatory Experts in all clusters


  • He/she helps to design and maintains processes to support UI business in product compliance assurance for Nutrition & Ice-Cream business.
  • He /she builds & maintains a strong network of global contacts in R&D, Marketing and Supply Chain to facilitate assurance of product compliance for Unilever International (UI)
  • Working with external experts and creation of an eco-system of PSO (Professional Services Outsourcing, i.e. regulatory consultants) for Americas Nutrition & Ice-Cream
  • Evaluate and advice the prop 65 requirements for UI innovation/renovation project team.
  • Ensure that existing UI products are evaluated in case of regulatory changes.
  • Act as first point of contact for any regulatory queries from UI


  • MSc or equivalent, preferably food safety, food science or related discipline
  • Strong ability to design processes and to spread best practice.
  • Independent problem-solving personality, that can delegate up and down and works well with multi-functional teams.
  • Excellent communicator, who can engage senior leaders and enthuse operational teams.
  • Be able to work flexibly and agile.
  • Fluent in English and preferably also fluent in Spanish
  • Fully operational in regulatory affairs for a region and/or product category
  • Fully operational in product science in Foods & Refreshment categories is a pre
  • Fully operational in the innovation process, preferably as a technical project leader or functional expert


Possible interview questions for the technical round for Unilever International Regulatory Affairs Assistant Manager – Nutrition & Ice Cream job:

  1. Can you describe your experience in regulatory affairs and how it relates to the nutrition and ice cream industry? Answer: I have a strong background in regulatory affairs, specifically in the food safety and food science discipline. I have worked on various projects related to ensuring product compliance and have experience collaborating with regulatory experts both internally and externally. My knowledge in this area makes me well-equipped to handle the regulatory aspects of Unilever International’s nutrition and ice cream business.
  2. How do you stay updated with regulatory changes and ensure compliance for existing products? Answer: I actively stay informed about regulatory changes through continuous research, attending conferences, and networking with industry professionals. For existing products, I closely monitor any regulatory updates and evaluate their impact. If necessary, I initiate evaluations and work with the relevant teams to ensure compliance with new regulations.
  3. Can you provide an example of a challenging regulatory issue you have faced in the past and how you resolved it? Answer: In a previous role, I encountered a complex regulatory challenge when a new regulation was introduced that affected a range of products. I immediately formed a cross-functional team, including R&D, Marketing, and Supply Chain, to assess the impact and develop a comprehensive compliance plan. By closely collaborating with external regulatory experts and leveraging their expertise, we successfully navigated the regulatory landscape and ensured that our products met all the necessary requirements.
  4. How do you approach building and maintaining a network of global contacts in R&D, Marketing, and Supply Chain? Answer: Building and maintaining a network of global contacts requires proactive engagement and effective communication. I regularly participate in industry events, conferences, and forums to connect with professionals from various disciplines. Additionally, I actively collaborate on cross-functional projects to establish relationships and leverage shared expertise. By fostering strong connections, I ensure that I have access to the necessary resources and information to support Unilever International’s product compliance goals.
  5. Can you discuss your experience working with external experts and creating an eco-system of Professional Services Outsourcing (PSO) for regulatory consulting? Answer: I have collaborated with external regulatory experts on multiple occasions to tap into their specialized knowledge and gain insights into complex regulatory requirements. By establishing a network of PSO, I have been able to access a diverse pool of expertise when needed, which has proven invaluable in addressing regulatory challenges efficiently. I have experience in managing relationships with PSO and ensuring effective collaboration to achieve regulatory compliance objectives.

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