Tata Institute for Genetics and Society Hiring Research Assistant / Associates


Screening for novel mosquito attractants and repellents


Applications are now invited for two Research Assistants/​Associates in the project ​‘Screening for novel mosquito attractants and repellents’ with Dr. Jay Prakash Shukla, Scientist, TIGS.


Initially for one year and extension based on performance review.


Master’s degree or fresh Ph. D in any branch of biological science with relevant research experience.


Experience with chemical biology, Chemical ecology, natural products, mosquito entomology and/​or mosquito behaviour are a plus


Interested Candidates can apply for the above research position, please send the following documents, with a clear reference to the job number listed above & to the following email address: jobs@​tigs.​res.​in

  • Cover letter with CV with email, phone number and contact details of 2 referees
  • Why you should be hired for this position and research interests (one-page max)

Please note, emails with only attached CV will NOT be considered. (Applicants must list Job no JC — 12 in their application to be considered)

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