Research Associate (DMPK) For Jubilant Biosys Limited


COMPANY:Jubilant Biosys Limited

FUNCTION:Research & Development


Jubilant Biosys is hiring for:

Designation: Research Associate

Department: DMPK

Educational qualification: M.Pharm (Pharmacology) | M.Sc/ M.Tech (Lifesciences)

Experience: 3-5 yrs in Invivo DMPK

Key Responsibilites:

  • Read and understand various in vivo study protocols
  • Good knowledge of various in vivo animal models employed in DMPK arena
  • Handling of laboratory animals (mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters etc.)
  • Conduct various in vivo ADME studies (IV and PO studies, excretion studies etc.)
  • Ability to administer compound via various routes in rodents (IV, PO, IP, SC, tropical, intravitreal etc.). Should be adept at conducting IV studies employing infusion pumps
  • Should be able good at rodent cannulations (jugular, carotid, femoral) and conduct studies in these animals
  • Maintain required documentation for animal ethics committee purpose
  • Conducting simple pre-formulation work for day-to-day PK studies.
  • Understand the quality of bioanalytical data
  • Conduct data analysis employing Phoenix WinNonLin software
  • Ability to calculate PK parameters on excel spreadsheets
  • Report generation (excel format, word format and powerpoint presentation) and sharing with the line manager
  • Generate reports in both GLP and non-GLP formats (based on the requirement)

Jubilant Drug Discovery and Development Services (JDDDS), is part of the Jubilant LifeSciences family of companies with R&D Centers in India, USA and business offices in Asia, Europe and North America. JDDDS has a global reach and provides comprehensive drug discovery and development solutions from target discovery to clinical development in partnership with leading pharma companies worldwide.

With clear scientific focus in Oncology, Metabolic Disorders, CNS and Pain and Inflammation, JDDDS has rapidly emerged as a leading collaborator for pharma industry. In each of these therapeutic areas, Jubilant has developed a depth of expertise in discovery informatics, medicinal chemistry, structural biology, biology, in vitro, in vivo models and translational sciences. Combined with strong clinical development and manufacturing capabilities, Jubilant has emerged as a fully integrated company with end-to-end solution for pharma industry.

JDDDS business constitutes three Jubilant subsidiaries, Jubilant Biosys (Drug discovery services), Jubilant Chemsys (Chemistry services) and Jubilant Clinsys (Clinical trial services). With over 1200 highly skilled and experienced scientific and medical personnel spread across Bangalore and Noida in India, Europe and the US, the JDDDS vertical leverages the capabilities in emerging markets for a global outcome, accelerating the global drug development efforts.

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