Rap Your Legal Knowledge

Let me school you on some legal tips,
From medical bills to granite installation trips.
Before you go wild, understand the rules,
For sending bills to collections, don’t be a fool!
Rules for sending medical bills to collections,
Know the regulations and avoid any deflections.


Down in India, the courts got their own vibe,
The definition is something you might want to imbibe.
Definition of court in India,
Understand it fully and you’ll go for a joyride.

In Australia, abortion laws can’t be ignored,
The legal age is something that needs to be explored.
Legal age of abortion in Australia,
Know your rights and follow the laws, don’t be a failure.


Got an abusive boss, causing you distress?
Legal action is there to clean up the mess.
Abusive boss legal action,
Stand up for yourself, and don’t accept the oppression!

If you’re wondering what BPT doctor stands for,
It’s best to know before you go knocking on a door.
BPT doctor full form,
Know the legal jargon before you start to perform!


In Florida, DCF rules are in place,
Understand them fully and you’ll win the race.
Florida DCF rules and regulations,
Know the guidelines, it’s not a situation to embrace!

Memorandum of agreement for real estate, what’s that about?
If you’re dealing with properties, you can’t live without.
Memorandum of agreement for real estate,
Before you sign, know the terms, and don’t have any doubt!


Need a legal doctor’s note to get off a day?
Here’s how to obtain one without going astray.
Legal doctor’s note,
Use it the right way, without any delay!

For HIPAA compliant data storage, there’s a law,
Make sure you follow it without a single flaw.
HIPAA compliant data storage requirements,
Protect that data, don’t let it thaw!

When installing granite, there’s a contract in sight,
Legal requirements ensure everything is right.
Granite installation contract,
Do it the legal way and everything will be tight!