Rap About Legal Stuff

Legal Stuff in a Rap Style

Yo, let’s talk about laws, papers, and agreements,
I got the scoop on all these, ain’t no need to be hesitant.
Wondering how to write a paper in narrative form,
Don’t worry, I got you, it’s gonna be the norm.
You need a sample rent agreement in word format?
Look no further, I’m here, don’t need to overcomplicate.

Speaking of laws, some of them are outdated,
Just visit laws that are outdated, you might be frustrated.
And when it comes to service agreements, are they binding?
Check out are service agreements legally binding to get it shining.

Now, investing in companies, is Intel a good company to invest in?
I’m not a financial advisor, but I know it’s a win.
And if you’re down with numbers, the law of diminishing marginal returns is what you need,
Understanding this concept might just make you succeed.

Tax lawyers in California, what’s their salary?
Tax lawyer salary in California, you can thank me later, just hail me.
And if you need a binding financial agreement sample, I got your back,
No need to go on a wild goose chase, I got the knack.

Moving on, Denver law jobs are ripe for the taking,
Check out Denver law jobs, don’t be mistaken.
And if you’re in Arizona, next of kin laws is what you need,
I’m the legal rap master, I’m planting the seed.